Companio Membership Management Software
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Powerful yet easy-to-use

Companio offers an extensive set of features to meet the needs of any member-based organizations. Smaller groups can customize features to allow them to simply make contact information available and have the ability to easily send and receive emails. Organizations with larger memberships may require more functionality to automate time-consuming tasks. All functionality is included in Companio so you can use any component whenever you like at any time.

Built-in security features allow you to control access. Once a member is added, they will automatically have access to log into Companio and see their own Snapshot information as well as or organizational information, including a member list and event calendar. Access to all other parts of Companio is granted by someone within your organization through the Security feature.

You can customize Companio with special settings and also add member fields if there is something special that you want to capture.

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Members can ...
  • see a snapshot of all of their information   View
  • enter updates online
  • RSVP for events
  • sign up for workshifts
  • pay dues and make donation
  • view committee placements
  • view membership requirements
  • send email and create mail merge files
  • view member list
  • view event calendar
  • news and special messages
Administrators and the Leadership Team can ...
  • review member updates and manage member information
  • set up events and create workshifts
  • maintain the leadership structure
  • send emails
  • set up dues and fundraising campaigns
  • track pledges and donations
  • set up membership requirements
  • create reports
  • download member, placement and finance information to a spreadsheet
  • customize Companio for your organization
  • control access through the built-in security system
  • add custom fields to capture member information unique to your organization

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