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Getting Started

We know how important it is to be sure Companio is the right software tool for your group before you invest your time and money. We've created several opportunities to see Companio in action.
Try the Demo It's easy. We'll send you a Login ID and Password so that you can look at a sample organization in the demo version of Companio.   Try the Demo
Schedule a Webinar A guided tour is an excellent oppportunity to walk through Companio's features online with a Companio developer. Feel free to invite other decision-makers in your organization to join the tour from multiple locations. A Companio developer is available to lead both daytime and evening tours, making the webinar convenient and accessible.
Schedule a Webinar
30-Day Free Trial If you'd like to take a test drive, we'll send you the information you'll need to register for the Free Trial. There's no obligation to continue if you're not interested. You don't have to enter any financial information to start the trial.
Sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial
Once you've completed the 30-day trial and made your decision, let us know and we'll change your registration from trial to customer. Then there are just a few steps to complete.
Automated Payment Complete the Electronic Check (ACH) form. Your monthly subscription payment can be made from your checking or savings account.
Conversion We'll contact you about your membership file and get started with the conversion. That will only take a day or two once we have your file.
Webinar Training Once your membership information has been converted, we can schedule a training webinar. We'll cover all the basics of using Companio and help you complete your custom settings.
Addition Setup If you want more hands-on help getting your organization set up in Companio, let us know. We can convert donors or other associates, set up events, requirements, organization structure or anything else that you need. There is an additional charge for this service.

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